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Soldiers: These are mostly in the forest area. They’re large creatures with guns three foot long blades instead of lower arms. Good thing, they’re kind of slow so you might be able to move past them, bad thing, make noise and they’ll track you down. Stabby Stabby. (This is a projection of Ashley’s fear of being caught back

Memory of Selkie - this seal like creature is weak to heat being naturally a water creature. The hall you fight him in will be filled knee deep with a reddish liquid. His skin’s armored against projectiles so you have to move in close to deal with it. Sharp weapons work well, key is to grab the key. Though if you want to pummel it to death fine.  It represents a love that took a bullet for her, getting himself killed in the process.  It blames her for being too slow even though at the time she was tending to a patient.

Doctor slaves – These are the caged masses, they were originally children about fourteen and up that were born with the healing ability. On her world they’re rounded up and sold as slaves to the rich and to high ranking military to be used as they see fit, usually they’re used to keep their masters alive. They’ll go after anyone who’s a medic first, to try to get them to let them free, which would kill them and the medic. If they go after a soldier then it’s to be put out of their misery.

Great Oak – This signifies the order that Ashley belongs to. The branches will reach out to either swipe or squash those fighting it. The roots will also entangle around anyone, and either try to pull them under or to pull the un suspecting victim apart. Best way to destroy this is long range fire power, or hacking the roots to bits before moving forward to actually cut the tree down.

late night kitchen raid

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 10:06 pm
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Reiko sat up jerking herself out of the nightmare she had been in. Her hand flew up and a single word was muttered. “Tachair,” The small purple flame came to her hand and she waited a moment for her eyes to adjust. She was still in her room at HQ, letting the light go out she sat still a moment letting her eyes readjust to the dark. When she finally moved she grabbed a robe pulling it on. Bare feet soon were padding down the hall, headed to the kitchen.

The doctor needed something to keep her from thinking about the images that had woken her. Not like he’ll be able to get to me, Grandfather will not be seeing the sky for quite some time. She thought flicking on the light, blinking at it a moment before crossing over to see if they had the ingredients for the treat she wanted.

Half hour later Reiko was pulling out the first batch of oatmeal cookies popping the last bit into the oven. Her free hand went up to the ring that hung around her neck. “Too bad you’re not around to help eat these Sel…” She whispered the words thinking she was alone.

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